Cross-docking Services

Simplify and streamline your supply chain with cross-docking integration.

Faster receiving and shipping times
Reduced costs
Reduced material handling
High turnaround time
Improved product quality
Reduced delivery times

There are times when it is an absolute necessity to ship some goods as soon as possible, e.g., in the case of delivering perishables, fulfilling rush orders, and anticipated demand spikes.

At these times, our cross-docking services come as a great savior. At ULS, you get the maximum benefit of cross-docking in the form of a streamlined supply chain, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction. Although Cross-Docking is assumed to be complicated, ULS has developed specialized strategies to achieve optimized results and maintain a steady and unrestricted flow of loading and unloading the goods.

All our warehouses have been designed with designated spaces to accommodate the cross-docking process. It is where our warehouse associates receive large consignments, sort them, consolidate them and ship them to the final destination.

We make sure everything is handled with extreme care by our warehouse associates, even if we are trying to meet any deadline. Our state-of-the-art logistics software allows you to track and trace every stage and level of the transportation process. Managed in real-time, our whole integrated system provides customer satisfaction, savings, and time.

How do our cross-docking operations work?

To implement our cross-docking process in the most optimized way, all our distribution centers have been split into two terminals – inbound and outbound. At the inbound terminal, our warehouse associates unload the pallets or goods.

All of these products are screened to check their quality and then sorted as per their final destination. Once the screening and sorting are done, the products are again loaded to ship for the final deliveries.

Specialized Layout and Equipment

Our cross-docking terminals and equipment are designed in a way to facilitate the separation of incoming and outgoing freight flows and to ensure goods-receiving efficiency and high speed of order assembling.

Cross-Docking Experts

Being in this industry for years, we know the ins and outs of cross-docking. Therefore, ULS can give you the optimum benefit of order processing, consolidation, and deconsolidation processes.

Detail-oriented Screening and Sortation

Our screening and sortation processes come with the promise of higher customer satisfaction. All the received products go through a detailed inspection for any damage or visible default so that the customers only receive the best products.