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One of the businesses that were heavily impacted by COVID-19 is the retail Industry. The back-to-back stay-at-home orders across Canada have led to the closure of many retails’ stores. However, many of these businesses have relied on online platforms for growth and stability. The shopping centers are no more malls but the Internet. Online is not only convenient but also extremely cost-effective for both the customers and the business.


Increase in Demand.

Although online shopping has been in trend since the past many years, yet this sudden shift of demand due to pandemic created a lot of operational issues. The customers expect safe and fast deliveries. In the year 2020, almost 60% of the customers did more than half of their holiday shopping online. This trend is expected to continue even post-pandemic, as consumers find online shopping more efficient.


Although many businesses preferred the traditional ways of shopping especially in North America. The hit of pandemic forced many businesses to experiment with the online platform. However, the competition was directly against eCommerce giants Amazon and Walmart. The fact that these organization has set the bar too high by offering excellent customer service, reverse logistics, and same-day or next day delivery. With such competition, efficient logistics operation plays a key role in the e-commerce business.

Surge Charges

With the increase in demand comes an increase in delivery rates. In order to accommodate the increasing demand, many big players of supply chain companies instituted heavy surge charges. The best way to avoid surge prices is necessary for one to have a thorough research of the local logistics companies that can help you deliver fast yet cost-effectively.  


Tips for upcoming Holiday Season

Some of the major sales and retail holidays are:

  • Canada Day: July 1st
  • Back to School: August 14th
  • Amazon Prime Day: Oct 13th to Oct 14th, 2021
  • Black Friday: 26th Nov 2021
  • Boxing Day: 26th December

If the trend continues it is very important that all the businesses start planning their delivery operations well in advance. Many companies have moved up their holiday promotion to May and October about months before these prime sale dates. Undoubtedly having a mid-mile delivery partner serves as a great advantage when it comes to on-time delivery.


E-commerce Logistics: Delivery at your doorstep

Even when it comes to Online shopping amidst pandemic customers don’t like to wait.

The biggest example of this was Amazon’s stunt of prioritizing essential-only products leading to a delay of over a month in fulfillment of other orders.

Especially now with the social distancing rules, people prefer shopping online rather than waiting in lines. The speed at which the consumers will receive the delivery will play a key factor whether they will choose to shop from your store or your competitors.

Finding the right delivery partner:

Faster shipping results in more sales in an eCommerce business. But not every brand can afford to have a logistics network of its own. The one-stop solution for eCommerce logistics is third-party logistics.

Inventory Management: The business gets to save warehousing cost, while all their inventory storage and sortation is being taken care of by a third-party logistics partner.

Tracking: Businesses can easily use the 3PL’s tracking system to track the packages within the warehouse as well as the real-time tracking during delivery.

Improvised Supply Chain Management: 3PL companies specialize in logistics operation, thus providing optimized and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Fast Delivery:  Managing an entire logistics department is not only costly but also time consuming at the same time it doesn’t necessarily assure fast delivery due to operational difficulties. Let the experts take care of that for you, as 3PL only work on delivery solutions, they ensure same and next day delivery.

Benefits of Choosing a Logistics Partner:

Scheduled Delivery:  Many big companies now offer scheduled delivery to their customers. Anything that is customizable goes a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Same-day or Next-day Delivery: Customers prefer the fast delivery option, maximum wait time when it comes to online delivery should not extend 2 days. Logistics partners assist you in setting up fast delivery operations with flexible schedules.

Reverse Logistics: One of the most tedious task both for the consumers and the business returns. Getting back the parcels from the consumers to the inventory is time-consuming and expensive. However, the right delivery partner will help you get the returns sorted by picking up the parcel from the house and delivering it directly to the inventory.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:
The faster the deliveries, the more effective customer relationship management. By offering you not only cater to your customer’s needs but also personalize their experience with scheduled deliveries.

With the right e-commerce logistics partners, the online businesses will definitely scale faster with happy customers and safe deliveries.

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