White-Glove Services

The dramatic impact of COVID-19 on commerce led to a lot of change in the world of business. The field of logistics has seen great alterations in the business since the beginning of the pandemic. The traditional delivery process was replaced by touch delivery options. As the authorities declared stay-at-home orders across the country, the demand for safe and secured delivery increased, especially services like White Glove Delivery.

What are white glove services?

White-Glove Delivery Service is a method of receiving and shipping products that are fragile in nature and needs more attention. This service also involves installation and assembly of products on-site and usage of equipment if required.

White glove services adhere to high standards of packaging that protect the parcel against any damage. Premium packaging materials packing peanuts, bubble wrap, crate, and straps are used to hold parcels in one place. The consignments are a top-level priority, treated with utmost care and attention. The drivers are given special training on how to deliver, assemble and handle the packages. For product installation, delivery agents carry the consignments to the site where they need to be unloaded and then set it up.

Benefits of White Glove Service.

Less Risk:
White-Glove services focus is the safety of parcel. This kind of service is used for items that are expensive, large, or fragile. Several steps are taking to ensure that packages are securely delivered. Packaging and handling play a vital role in this service. The delivery agents are provided with specialized training for loading and delivery of these packages.

Scheduled Delivery:
White-Glove deliveries are always scheduled. This improves the efficiency as the number of reattempts and delays in deliveries are reduced.


Chances of loss or damage of the parcels are extremely low, moreover, the delivery agents for these services are specially trained. The customers are present at the time of delivery to receive and check the parcel, thus eliminating the chance of damage or loss.
Two or more agents usually do the deliveries for consignments which require assembly and installation. However, due to the current situation of Pandemic, the installation process has been halted.

Fast Delivery:
The delivery professionals are trained to deliver the shipment quickly and safely every time. The agents are trained to handle every product unique need and take all special consideration in to account. The companies have a local customer representative for solving queries and taking feedbacks

White glove services are used by both businesses as well as individual customers. With the growing e-commerce market, the need for white glove services has increased exponentially. Online shopping is a booming industry, especially in the current scenario of pandemics as the in-store shopping options are limited. Customers thus prefer online shopping and can use these services for items like electronics, furniture, or large home appliances.

White-Glove Services are not a new concept for business, whether it is delivery for their own product or ordering office supplies and other essential items for their own business. White-Glove Services are of extreme significance for health and safety industry as it enables the companies to get the material delivered at the specific location at a specific time.

Products that require White Glove Services:

Businesses involved in perishable goods always use white glove services as this ensures prompt delivery and fresh products to the consumers. Other industries like electronics and home appliances, medical and lab equipment, automotive, retail, and e-commerce also benefit from this service.

Electronics and home appliances: 
People usually prefer buying their electronic items online as it helps them get a better deal. Valuable electronics require safe delivery, white-glove services ensure that the shipment is delivered at the exact place where the customer wants it. The products are not left at the doorstep or curbside vulnerable to theft or weather.

Electronic items that require White Glove Services:

  • Laptop and desktop computers
  • Smartphones
  • Professional-grade cameras or video recorders
  • Tablets 
  • Computer parts or accessories

Medical and Lab Equipment:
For the health and safety industry, it is important the packages received are sterile and secured. White-Glove services are used by such companies to protect the packages throughout the delivery process.

Medical items that require White Glove Services:

  • Ultra-Sound machine
  • MRI equipment
  • CT Scan machines
  • X-Ray machines
  • Surgery tools and equipment
  • Biotechnology devices, water baths, or imaging systems
  • Lab specimen refrigerators
  • Lab workstations
  • Fragile tools, like microscopes and glassware

Retail and E-commerce:
Retail and E-commerce use this service to deliver shipments to customers as quickly and safely as possible. Especially for businesses specializing in jewelry and precious item find this service useful as the risk due to the scheduled delivery. This service is best as it enables the retailer to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction by offering fast and safe delivery.

Improve your White Glove Services:

Automation is very crucial for smooth supply chain operations. The use of control systems, machinery, and software helps improve the efficiency of operations.  The software provides ease of entry into the system and management with greater agility.

Live Tracking:
A system that updates the customer about their delivery status either through emails or messages. Customer communications services, allows the customer to track the real-time location of the delivery as well as receive text updates about the shipment.

Route’s optimization:
Automated systems for developing routes help improve on-road performance. It also helps reduce the mistakes that are likely to happen in the manual entry which usually leads to increased shipping cost.

Choosing the right delivery partner

While choosing a delivery partner for while glove services you need to consider the following factors.

It is important the company you choose is credible and socially responsible with a reputation and customer testimonials that back up their promises.

Customer Service:
Customer service is key in white-glove services. The organization must be in a full position to help you with all your queries. Their representatives must hold complete knowledge about the route, live tracking, and the orders in the shipment.

Trained Delivery Agents:
While choosing a delivery partner, it is important to look into their training module. As the shipment in this service is fragile, it is important that the agents are trained as per the unique requirements of the products.

The logistics company must have solid testimonials by the clients that guarantees their services.

Additional Services:
The logistics company should be in a position to help with other supply chain solutions. They should offer additional services like inventory management, sortation, reverse logistics, and tracking

A well managed and improved metrics of white glove services are of value for smooth logistics operations. We at ULS offer multiple services that can help you optimize your logistics operations cost effectively.

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