International Women’s Day

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we reflect upon the efforts of women of ULS have fostered the development of the company. We have always been committed to developing an environment of equality and diversity within our company, where each employee has an opportunity to achieve personal and professional success.

We are a proud supporter of gender equality and advancement of women in the workplace. To us it is about celebrating and recognizing women around us, who have helped us shape our company.  We are going to highlight the achievements of the leading women of ULS who have changed the fate of our company. We will be forever grateful to their contributions to the Industry.

The woman who defined logistics for Universal Logistics Solutions when we started in the year 2010. When we were overwhelmed by the dynamics of the supply chain solutions industry, Radhika came in like a saviour to help us set up our business. The company that started off with two people is now a fully functional organization. Radhika has been a part of our organization since the beginning of the time, she has not only seen us grow but also nurtured our growth. It comes naturally to her. To begin with she became an integral part of all the process in the organization. Today she deals with all the logistics operation of the organization right from last mile delivery to offering optimized supply chain solutions to all our clients. We cannot thank Radhika enough for all her contributions to the industry.

“To me International Women’s Day is about celebrating the efforts of all the women around me.  It is about celebrating women who have fought across generations against gender inequality. When a woman surpasses all the hurdles and lands up a leadership role, she often sets an example to all the girls around her to be the same. ULS has given me that opportunity to pave a way to all the women around me to reach a certain designation in life.”

When it came to logistics, we have always been more focused on operation. Often, we depended on traditional processes. However, Hinal introduced us to varied and new technology. The youthfulness of Hinal brought an innovative change in all our operations. She brought digitalization to our delivery process. She helped us develop more advanced technology for all our logistics operations. Today she heads the IT department of the organization, we are grateful to Hinal for her dedication and zeal towards ULS.

“ I don’t think I was aware how male dominated my world has been. In all my organizations I have always been seating at table where the management team was mostly full of men. It was so normalized that I did not even realize whether it was problem or was it fine. It was not until I joined ULS that I understood what I was missing, it gave me an opportunity to test my capabilities. To explore my talents.

Often when it comes to tech field there is biased opinion towards males. However, things are changing slowly, I believe acknowledging women and their contributions is a good start to this change.”

When it comes to opportunities, we believe in inequality. Often driving jobs are limited to male dominance, however, it is a problem that needs to be addressed. Yenci is among the best drivers in our fleet. Yenci has the highest delivery rate in 2020 across all our facilities in Canada. She has worked with passion and enthusiasm with ULS over the past many years. We respect her attitude and her dedication to work. We wish her all the best for the coming year and hope she surpasses her delivery rate every year.

Learn everything. Be patient. Be strong. But mostly be confident. Is one piece of advice that I give to myself and that keeps me afloat. I think breaking patriarchy is especially important. For me, this day is all about encouraging women to opportunities that are well suited for them. I think the seed of self-doubt has been inculcated in us by society for many generations, but there is nothing that anyone cannot do. If he can do it, so can she. Even if it is driving a car, a van, a truck, a plane or even a space shuttle.

The strong-minded opinions and ideas of these women changed the company in many new ways. These are just examples of three women who have had a tremendous impact on ULS. Today is the day we celebrate the achievement of all our women and their influence on social, economical and cultural changes in society.

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